Team 02:Ecology of the birds of water and other aquatic vertebrates

This team focused on the knowledge of the ecology of waterbirds. The migration, the various strategies of wintering and reproduction of waterbirds as well as their geographical variation constitute a central concern of this team.

An understanding of the dynamics of the populations of waterbirds and the role played by Algerian wetlands is a key objective. The diet,behavior as well as the identification of key variables which can influence population dynamics is a key objective



Scientific foundations of this team:


  •  -Ecology of the reproduction of waterbirds
  • -Distribution, phenology and ecology of the reproduction of amphibians.
  • - Ringing program and study of the dispersal of waterbirds
  •  -Study of the dynamics of the populations of the aquatic vertebrates (birds and      amphibians)
  • -Diet 
  • -Study of the time budget of various species of waterbirds


waterbirds, wetlands, aquatic vertebrates, functioning, migration, wintering, reproduction, dynamics of the populations