Team 04 :Biosurveillance and water quality

This team will have for main task to estimate the quality of the surface water wetlands and the monitoring of the ecological integrity of lotic and lentic habitats. A study of the physico-chemical and biological quality of several temporary and dune ponds east hillsides Algerian has been initiated and these efforts will be developed within the framework of a wetland biosurveillance network.


Scientific foundations of this team:

· Physico-chemical Analysis of the water quality of wadis (Oued Kebir Est, Bounamoussa, Seybouse, Kebir Ouest, Rhummel)
· Characterization of diverse populations which can serve as bioindicators of the ecological integrity of habitats·

Elaboration of a national biotic index
· Sustained long-term monitoring of temporary ponds of Numidia
· Sustained long-term monitoring of dune ponds.


Water quality, monitoring, wetlands, Wadi, temporary ponds, ecological integrity, biotic indices