Team 01:Biodiversity and ecology



Team leader : Pr.Boudjema Samraoui

phone: 05 57 26 01 10

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The team is set up to survey three levels of the biodiversity of Algerian wetlands: habitats, species and the genetic variability within populations. The management and the preservation of is intimately linked to a thorough knowledge of the structure and the functioning of ecosystems. This knowledge is based at first on a more or less exhaustive knowledge of the flora and fauna. To date, important gaps exist in our knowledge of various taxa,their distribution and their phenology. Our country do not host collections and the majority of specimens are scattered in collections located abroad.


The objective of this team is to develop Atlases of numerous species, to create exhaustive collections of some taxa contributing to a better one knowledge of their systematics. The study of the ecological traits of our local populations is the second important stage.

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Scientific foundations of this team:

· Surveys of the zooplankton, macroinvertebrates and vertebrates of Algerian wetlands
· Surveys of endo and ectoparasites and their impact on population dynamics
· Study of the structure and the functioning of some ecosystems (ponds and dune ponds)
· Study of the life history of the keystone species
· Mappingof the distribution of various taxa
· Establish reference collections of some taxa
· Study the impact of the global changes on the structure and the functioning of wetlands



Waterbirds, wetlands, aquatic vertebrates, functioning, migration, wintering, reproduction, population dynamics.