Team 03 :Preservation and Management of wetlands


In a context of global changes unfavorable to biodiversity, wetlands, which are very productive but extremely vulnerable, must be managed in a rational way in a sustainable manner. The management of these habitats requires a a solid knowledge of wetland structure and function and suitable management tools which are unfortunately lacking across the national territory.

The team " preservation and Management " of the LCZH has task to develop management plans for protected areas and action plans for endangered species. In concert with other partners, it will ensure that all aspects of management andconservation (biology, legislation, socioeconomic aspects, awarenessare taken into account.

team leader:Pr.Farrah Samraoui

Email 93 22 51 07

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Scientific foundations of this team:

  •  Work to confer an official protection important natural areas
  •  Study of the ecology of endangered species
  •  Develop Red Lists 
  •  Develop action plans for endangered species
  •  Develop management plans for the sites of ecological importance
  • ·Develop miscellaneous management tools for the administrators of the protected areas
  •  Collaborate with other institutions (Ministry of the Environment, DGF) the interest of conservation of national biodiversity.


Preservation, management, wetlands, biodiversity, action plan, management plans, Protected areas